Introducing Van Enkhuizen Consulting & IT

Sheet metal manufacturing is a fundamental part of today’s society. Constant demand and innovation have provided a sustainability unseen in many modern industries.

Every day, we encounter sheet metal used around our homes, our workplaces and throughout the technologically advanced sectors that make our lifestyles possible.

Many producers of sheet metal are still wasting enormous amounts of money, time and resources with outdated techniques or looking for a “faster machine” without realizing what’s already possible with new developments within Industry 4.0.

After spending some time working as a mechanical engineer, I began implementing Enterprise Resource Planning in sheet metal production. Soon, I discovered that there was a strong need for software integrations in this industry.

I founded Van Enkhuizen Consulting & IT to bring the European sheet metal manufacturing industry into a new age by combining advanced software with the latest technology and progressive, innovative thinking that helps manufacturers streamline their processes.

Van Enkhuizen Consulting & IT developed a number of solutions, such as an XML-integration which seamlessly connects your laser cutting and lace production to the existing ERP system. We’ve also refined a three-step process by which sheet metal companies can improve their profitability.

By combining automation software and organizational processes with your well-trained tradesmen, you’ll see an increase of up to 80% throughput in your existing facility, as demonstrated by the real-life results we’ve seen so far.

Van Enkhuizen Consulting & IT is dedicated to further developing as an organization that supports and spearheads the continued development of solutions and customization in the sheet metal manufacturing field.

I believe in the power of synergy to bring ideas to life and I look forward to creating and helping to implement a solution for your manufacturing business.

All the best,

Luke van Enkhuizen (Ing.)