About Ing. Luke van Enkhuizen

Sheet metal working is a fundamental part of our modern society. Constant demand and innovation have led to sustainability that is unseen in many modern industries.

We encounter sheet metal every day in our homes, workplaces and in the technologically advanced sectors that make our lifestyle possible.

Many sheet metal producers are still wasting surprising amounts of money, time and materials with outdated techniques or looking for ‘just a faster machine’ without realizing what is possible and affordable with the latest developments within Industry 4.0.

After working 10 years as an engineer and mechanical engineer in metal companies, I started to implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the production of sheet metal. I soon discovered that there was a strong need for software integration in this industry.

I founded Van Enkhuizen IT & Consulting to bring the European sheet metal processing industry to a new level by combining advanced software with the latest technology and progressive, innovative thinking that helps manufacturers streamline their processes.

I have developed some practical solutions, such as the Ridder iQ – TruTops Fab ERP integration, which seamlessly connects your sheet metal production with your own ERP system. I also have my own four-step method with which sheet metal processing companies can prepare for the 4th industrial revolution.

By combining automation software and organization processes (QRM) with your well-trained professionals on how to apply them, you can experience an improvement of up to 70% in the lead times in your existing facility, as evidenced by the real-life results we have seen so far.

My company is driven to develop further as a 100% independent, reliable partner that supports and leads the continuous development of smart customized solutions for sheet metal processing.

I believe in the power of synergy to bring ideas to life and I look forward to creating and helping you implement a solution for your production company.

Kindest Regards,

Ing. Luke van Enkhuizen, B. Eng.
Van Enkhuizen IT & Consulting